About Us

PHS Hospice Care is a life-affirming program that promotes the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of patients with life-limiting illnesses, along with that of the caregivers and family members of the patients. We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers offering supportive services which maximize the patient’s comfort, quality of life and autonomy. PHS Hospice Care is available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The goal of the Hospice program is to help those diagnosed with terminal illness live a full, meaningful life for as long and as painlessly as possible. PHS Hospice
offers many services under our Hospice program including in-home care, medication management, pain management and grief counseling.

How Can Hospice Help?
PHS Hospice Care is a team of professionals trained to prepare patients, loved ones and family members to cope during the journey of terminal illness. PHS Hospice helps to take on some of the daily care giving responsibilities for your loved one; responsibilities that you may or may not be able to take over for them. We are available to help care for your loved one in their own home, that of a family member or caregiver, or in a skilled nursing facility. We help remove some of the burden from family members and other caregivers who may need the extra time and support as they cope with the end of life care.